Making a good pizza

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Food
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It’s been a month and I haven’t even done one food post.  Shame on me.  This is dedicated to all the people in my twitter feed who were talking about making pizzas yesterday.  I’m not going to give any recipes (unless I get requests) just some tips.


The most important part of the pizza is…the crust.  Here are some things you have to do to get a good crust on a pizza.  First you have to roll the dough thin – good pizza has the dough rolled out to about 1/8th of an inch (3mm).  Next – don’t put on too much – the more you put on the less bubbles there will be (and the bubbles are yummy!  Make sure to leave some margins for that crisp edge, I try to leave about 1 inch free of sauce and toppings around the circle.  nd finall – and most importantly – use a pizza stone.  A pizza stone is – for those of you who don’t know – a stone that you put in the oven about 30 minutes before you put the pizza in (while the oven is hot) and it helps to simulate a pizza oven.   Ideally you put the pizza directly on the stone (this is why in pizzerias they use the metal nets) and you’ll get a great crust.

Next you have sauce and toppings.  Make the sauce you like.  I’m from NY and the pizza sauce there tends to be a sweet basic tomato sauce.  If you want to use store bought, go for it, but make sure it’s one you like.  I would highly discourage the use of sauces with mushrooms or peppers or the like – toppings go on top of the cheese, not below.  Use the toppings you like – but sparingly.  The more things you put on the pizza, the less the dough will rise in baking, be aware of how much you put on.  Also, if you put on too many individual items, you lose the individual flavors and it all becomes a blob.

Pizza is probably the most individual food we have – everyone loves it and everyone loves it a different way.  Making pizza isn’t hard and can be a lot of fun – it’s a great thing to do with the kids.  Have fun and bon apetit.

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