Rampant Idiocy – or How to get Stopped by Airport Security

Posted: February 22, 2011 in General
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Among other things, I subscribe to a mailing list for the people who live in my city.  Every day I see e-mails on that list asking people to take things to one location or another.  As I see all these mails I can’t help but think to myself – are these people idiots?

If you hadn’t caught on by now, I live in Israel.  In order to check in for a flight you have to go through a security process which includes being asked, by people who are very well trained to detect lies, “Has anyone given you something to take on the plane with you?”  Anyone asking a random stranger – and let’s face it the people on the list are doing just that – to take an item to a foreign country must be out of his/her mind!  Anyone offering to take something for a stranger is clearly not thinking straight.  So I keep asking myself, every time I see one of these e-mails, how stupid can you be?

  1. Haim Rosenberg says:

    I am sure you can use common sense. Meaning, you can check what the person wants you to bring, if it’s a letter or magazine, etc. If it’s white powder, then you can be suspicious.

  2. Rachel Inbar says:

    Remember that on the mailing list there are plenty of people who know each other at some level… and also, not everything is that suspicious, e.g., a book.

  3. brassnet says:

    Obviously you can – and should – use common sense and I understand that some of the people on the list know one another. However, this puts the person who is carrying the item in the position of 1) lying to airport security or 2) having to endure more intense scrutiny then would otherwise be necessary. I’m not saying that if a friend asks you to bring something with you you should say “no”, however by asking in such a public forum you don’t know who will reply and have very little way to verify the reliability of the person if you are the asker or the safety and legality of the item you are the bringer.

  4. Elana says:

    rampant idiocy?
    really? this is your idea of good writing? or interesting social insight?
    you probably got some hits from your announcement on the modi’in list, which is how i got here. but i’m not coming back.
    rampant idiocy. that is my impression from this blog.

    • brassnet says:

      Elana –

      I’m sorry if that is how you feel. I never claimed that this was “interesting social insight” – or good writing for that matter. It is my opinion. And while, yes I got some hits from the list – that isn’t why I let people know about the post. I let people know about the post because I feel that people are making the request or offer and are not necessarily seeing the potential consequences. If I chose to give it a provocative title, that’s my prerogative.

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