My Must Have Android Apps

Posted: June 17, 2013 in General

I spent my morning commute (I was on a bus so don’t worry) having a Twitter conversation about the best Android keyboard out there.  It all started when a friend and fellow Android user let me know that she had no clue about swiping keyboards.  That gave me the impetus to put together this little list of the apps that I install on all of my Android devices (tablet and phone) and that I consider the must haves to make it through the day.

I’m going to leave apps like Facebook and Facebook messenger off the list since if you use Facebook you will have them as there are no replacement apps for either.  Bear in mind that this is my personal list and lots of other people will put down different apps in each category – these are just mine.

1. SwiftKey
This is, in my opinion, the best keyboard around for Android hands down. Even before they implemented Flow (the swiping mechanism) it had the best predictions and made typing and writing mails, tweets and status updates doable on the phone. With Flow it makes them easy.

2. Evernote
Evernote is a wonderful app that lets you sync your notes across all platforms. It has apps for Mac, PC, Android, iOS, as well as a web app. This is what makes my tablet a productivity tool by letting me take it (and not the laptop) to meetings so I can take notes that I can continue to work on on the computer when I get back to my desk.  I use it to transfer textual information from one device to the other all the time.

3. APP Lock
If you have kids this is a must have. This app allows you to put a pin code on any app you have. This is the app that lets me feel safe giving my kids my phone or tablet to play with since I know they won’t be able to change settings, update statuses, send e-mails or do other things that I might not want them to do.  It’s easy to turn on and off so you don’t need to pin lock your e-mail app all the time – just turn it on right before you hand it to the kids.

4. Plume
In my opinion this is the best Twitter client available on Android. It just works and it works well. Good UI and meets all of my needs.

5. Waze
I need to go places. Sometimes I need to go places I’ve never been before and sometimes I’m worried about traffic.  In either case Waze will get me there the best way possible.

6. Drisk
Drisk is a game based on the board game Risk. The way I have it set up it takes me about 5 minutes to play a game and is perfect for when I just have a few minutes and want to kill some time. With a variety of maps to choose from as well as a multi-player option this is a game I play almost every day.

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