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OK.  I will preface this review with the simple statement that I am not a tech journalist.  I am a computer programmer and user who is also an Android phone user.  I will also preface this with the fact that I was unable to test the navigation functions of the app (which is the main reason one would download it) for one simple reason – I was unable to get any results for a search.  I tried searching my office and used both Hebrew and English spellings that will get me results in both the GPS in my car and on Google.  I tried searching for my address.  I tried searching for Park HaYarkon – which is a very big landmark in Tel Aviv.  None of these searches got results.  One of the things that this app was supposed to do was to give good free navigation options for users outside of the US.  To do this they used Open Street Maps.  I tried searching with the web based Open Street Maps and had no luck either – so it might not be the fault of the people at MapQuest, however – the app is completely unusable until this issue is fixed.  To sum it up, I don’t know about in other countries but, if you’re in Israel, don’t bother.