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Just amusing…

Posted: January 20, 2011 in General
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I googled myself and was surprised to discover that before the homepage for my blog there appear not one…not two..but three of the individual entries (the actual blog itself only appears on the second page of results….) Don’t believe me?  google Dan Shernicoff and see what you find…

Even more amusing is that I went to (just for you Suzanne) and the first 2 results are posts from my blog…After that you have references to people I’ve never heard of, a listing that has my name in it, my brother Steve’s facebook profile, and 10+ more pages of results most of which have nothing to do with me.  In 11 pages of results nowhere was there a link to this blog – although, again, there were links to 2 entries from it.

Now I’d like to think I’m not that vain, but I do want if someone searches for me that they should find this…and that Microsoft should take a good look at the Bing engine.