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Among other things, I subscribe to a mailing list for the people who live in my city.  Every day I see e-mails on that list asking people to take things to one location or another.  As I see all these mails I can’t help but think to myself – are these people idiots?

If you hadn’t caught on by now, I live in Israel.  In order to check in for a flight you have to go through a security process which includes being asked, by people who are very well trained to detect lies, “Has anyone given you something to take on the plane with you?”  Anyone asking a random stranger – and let’s face it the people on the list are doing just that – to take an item to a foreign country must be out of his/her mind!  Anyone offering to take something for a stranger is clearly not thinking straight.  So I keep asking myself, every time I see one of these e-mails, how stupid can you be?